Can you be Geeky and Godly?

This new book by Luke Italiano answers the question, “Can you be Geeky and Godly?” by exploring classic tropes behind today’s most popular fiction through a Christian lens. It’s easy to read and beautifully illustrated by Ian Samson.

*The Kickstarter is finished, but you can read about the project and see some behind the scenes info there!

Preview the Book & Teacher Resources

Still not convinced? Check out a sample of Trope #7 – Cannon Fodder, along with the Teacher’s Guide and student worksheet. (Click the link to read or right-click and choose “Save As…”)

Trope 7: Cannon Fodder

“Do it, Salaya!!” Aramath bellowed at me from the door. He muttered, releasing another spell down the stairs. The orb of light hurtled past…

Trope 7: Teacher’s Guide

Vocabulary words. Discussion guide. Memory work. Bible passages. Extra resources. Examples from pop-culture.

Trope 7: Student Worksheet

Vocabulary words. Discussion questions. Spaces to write. Memory work. Bible passages.

About the Author

Luke Italiano has been a pastor for a decade and a geek for longer than he can remember. One year in the distant past, his goddaughter asked him if she could love Harry Potter and Jesus, too. This book was born from that conversation.

When he’s not busy writing books on request, Luke still visits the comic shop every week, and his house is full of not enough shelves. The problem is not too many books. You can never have too many books.

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